Rasmussen Landscapes

About us.

Rasmussen Landscapes
3446 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT

Phone: 801-466-0303
Fax: 801-466-5799

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Mission Statement

Rasmussen Landscapes' mission is to change lives. We work everyday to change the lives of our employees and our customers, through which we change the life of our company, and in turn, change the world we live in. We do this one step at a time, one day at a time, one landscape at a time.

Company Values

Company, Employees, Customers - Changing lives

Change- We are willing to constantly change and change the lives of those around us

Choice- It is always our choice to be happy, to succeed, to progress and to change

Positive- We have a positive attitude and always look for the positive in all people and in every situation

Unity- We are team players and work to create a synergistic atmosphere

Integrity- We are COMPLETELY honest and honorable in every situation, principle, intention and action

Productivity- We are efficient and work harder than we ever have before!

Progression- We feed your minds, bodies and spirits to become better people

Vision- We know where we want to go and we get there